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Topolyna Street, 26, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

CarDetailLab is a BigFoot Certificated Training Center. Since 2017, we have trained over 300 students from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Finland, Italy and Cyprus.

The CarDetailLab training center is located in Odessa. The training takes place in professional detailing studios, which are supplied with all the necessary materials and tools. The learning environment is completely identical to the work environment.

Each course consists of an introductory theoretical part and practice, which takes 80% of the study time. Practice takes place in two stages: firstly, the instructor demonstrates the right work technic and then students work individually under instructor’s supervision.

The curriculum of the course is divided into modules and is suitable for students with different knowledge: beginners, experienced detailers, owners and managers of car washes, service stations, detailing centers and car body shops of different level. Each training module ends with an attestation.

By the end of the education, students get teaching aids, photo report, special price list for all range of the detailing products and free consultation which is work related. Also, all students receive an invitation to a private chat, where they participate and share their experience, professional questions and help newcomers.

Rupes Authorized Trainer

Andrew Krinichnyi

Brain Storm

Training Team

Andrew Negara

Technical trainer

His love for cars led Andrew from professional sport to detailing industry. For 25 years he was a professional football player. Having finished his career, Andrew went deeper into the sphere of car care. He took a professional training in the authorized training center RUPES in Milan, and was certified to work with premium car care segment in the G'zox center in Tokyo.

Marina Minasyan

Technical trainer

Yuri Andritsa

Technical trainer

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